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Adoption Support for Kentucky

What is A.S.K.?

Adoption Support for Kentucky is a consortium of parent-led adoptive parent support groups throughout the state of Kentucky.

Why Are Support Groups Important?

By bringing together people who have been touched by adoption, a parent support group can:

  • Validate parents' experiences and frustrations,
  • Celebrate the joys and triumphs unique to adoptive parenting,
  • Enable parents to share resources, suggestions, and success stories·
  • Identify and solve problems,
  • Guide parents to a better understanding of adoption's impact on child development,
  • Reduce feelings of isolation and self-doubt or guilt when problems arise in the family,
  • Provide on-going training, and· Offer encouragement, affirmation, and hope.

Who Can Be a Part of A.S.K.?

Any adoptive family may use the services of A.S.K. These support groups are for any parents that have families formed through adoption: state, private, relative, or international. You may have adopted your child as an infant, older child, or part of a sibling group. You may have adopted twenty years ago, had a child placed with you for adoption last week, or still be awaiting.

What Can A.S.K. Offer My Family?

  • Support groups for adoptive parents
  • Mentoring with an experienced adoptive family
  • Information on policies and procedures
  • Educational/Training Programs
  • Advocacy assistance
  • Lending Library
  • Statewide resource information
  • Referrals to resources Information on medical/behavioral issues

How Do I Get Involved?

Contact Carrie Saunders.

Contact Information

Carrie Saunders, MSW CSW
Director, Adoption Support for Kentucky
Foster/Adoptive Support and Training Center
1 Quality Stree • Suite 700
Lexington, KY 40507
Phone: 859-257-3196
Web Site:
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